All the Precision Agriculture benefits combined in a simple and intuitive digital platform. Turfgrass-tailored, the GreenGO web-based software is easily accessible from both computer and mobile devices. It includes all the Precision Agriculture features Greenkeepers and Groundsmen need. All the data is in real time, updated every 5 minutes. Securite, private and User friendly. It supports multiple users and can be fully customized. FREE FOR LIFE WITH YOUR GreenGO MACHINE !

What's the situation on my pitch?

The Dashboard helps Greenkeepers to monitor all the real-time data (data and graphs) and schedule an ideal and specific turfgrass management program. Information availability and quick decisions are the key to promptly solve issues or, even better, to prevent them in the future.

Where is my GreenGO now?

The GPS technology will keep you updated about the real time-location of your GreenGO, so that It will be easy to know the exact origin of your data.

What's my pest situation?

GreenGO uses the acquired data to help predict pest outbreaks. You can set alarms to notify you when any of the acquired parameters reach a threshold you select.
Growing degrees days help you to track pest outbreaks and plant growth regulators re-application interval.
The Smith-Kerns dollar spot model is now fully integrated into the site.

What are my historical data?

You can download or share your data whenever you want. Customize your report page to get insights on your turfgrass and keep track your weather sitation.

What weather can I expect?

Accurate source of local weather information and forecast. With down-to-the-minute forecasts, you’ll know exactly the weather, right where you're standing.

Who can I share my data with?

Our Control-Green new software make sharing data secure and easy. Share your weather data and alerts with anyone who has internet access, including field staff, consultants and your customers. Control-Green takes it one step further, allowing you to create a team of people who can have varying levels of authority to help you manage your turfgrass.

Plan or Record

Plan and record all your agronomic activities, it will help you to maintain a perfect high-quality turfgrass and keep track of EVERYTHING

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