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The most advanced wireless multisensor
for high-quality turfgrass

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GreenGO node, your eyes in the substrate

GreenGO node is a multisensor device designed to send data below the surface. It has two plugs where you can connect the sensors that you prefer. 
It uses an NB-IoT protocol communication to be reliable in any situationThe default configuration has two sensors that acquire soil temperature, soil water content and electrical conductivity to get affordable data at two different depths.

It can be buried up to 20 cm depending on the signal strength. Anyway, the sensors wire allow the probe to reach any depth. 

You can see how the water flow through your soil profile, understand how long water takes to reach a certain soil horizon, check your underground heating system and control salinity leaching. 

The device acquire data every hour and sent them every 4 hours. We know that you want data and you want them when really matter. The node has a smart algorithm to recognise uncommon water content, temperature or high salinity. In this case, the GreenGO node will send immediately data to you. 

You can request your favourite sensor, we are able to set it prior to or after ordering. 

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GreenGO node in-ground multisensor

You select the sensors - We delivered data 24/7

Up to 2 sensors

Select the sensors that you need. We will let them anytime

Plug & Play

Dig a hole, bury the node and set the position on your map

Long-life battery

The battery has an average lifetime of 2 years

Bury in-ground

Flexible formfactor that allows you to  choose depth of measurement

Smart send data

Smart algorithm sending data and customizable alerts

Build in SIM card

NB-IoT SIM Card works mainly everywhere with no installation cost

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What data can do for you?

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Acquire in depth and act in real-time

Maps and data to understand how your turf is feeling on Control-Green App

Set Field Capacity and Wilting point accordingly to your soil specifications and keep your substrate healthy for your turfgrass growth and save water. 

Other available features ranging from reports to data analytics, from multi-users account with different permission to smart alert.

Control-Green is more than an App to check the data coming from your unit, it is a support system for your turfgrass, analyzing data and helping you to take decisions. 

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Choice the sensor that fits with your needs

Contact us if you don't find your favourite sensors

GreenGO feeler

GreenGO feeler is a rugged soil probe that measures: 

  • Volumetric Water content
  • Soil temperature
  • Electrical conductivity (salinity)

It has 7 cm length rods and 200 ml of explored volume


Teros 12

Teros 12  is a solid soil sensor probe from Meter Group company. It measures as follows:

  • Volumetric Water content
  • Soil temperature
  • Electrical conductivity (salinity)

It has 5 cm length rods and 1000 ml of explored volume

Your sensor

Contact us if you need a different sensors on you GreenGO node.

 You can customize your node as you prefer.

 We are happy to help you yo find the solution that works for you and suggesting different solution for you

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Works in your country

GreenGO node is like your cellphone with a very performant SIM card that works in 100+ countries throughout the world with the best provider in your area. Our SIM card uses NB-IoT or GSM technology.

If you don’t see your country on the list be sure to reach out, as we will find the proper solution for your case

Easy to install and move

Plug & Play technology takes few minutes to instal or move
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Sports field
Golf course
Horse racing
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Technical specifications

GreenGO node is built to last 20+ years in the ground. It is innovated and crafted with over five years of rigorous testing in order to become the most durable wireless sensor technology ever on the market. It has two plugs in one device:you can custom as you desire



GreenGo node



GSM bands

UMTS bands

Communication method

Communication security



800, 850, 900, 1900, 2100




IP ratings (Ingress protection)


IP67, IP68




Lithium metal weight


Operating voltage

Lithium Li-SOCL2

3,6 g

13000 mAh



Dimensions (HxWxD)


90x90x60 (mm)

350 g